Why You Should Include Your Pets…

Family Portraits: Including Your Furry Friends

I'm a big pet lover, so whenever a client asks if it's okay if they bring their pet to the session then I'm 100% down for it! Even in the studio it is not a problem at all. You see, every member - plays a crucial role in weaving the vibrant and intricate patterns that define your collective story. And let's be honest our furry friends occupy a special place, infusing our lives with joy, companionship, and a kind of unconditional love that often leaves us in awe. It's this undeniable bond that makes it not just desirable, but essential, to include our pets in the family portraits that will adorn our walls and hearts for generations.

As a seasoned family and pet photographer, I've come to understand and cherish the unique charm and warmth that dogs and even cats bring to every photo session. To me, pets are not mere accessories to a family's portrait but integral members whose presence adds a layer of authenticity and emotion, impossible to replicate. My philosophy is simple: every pet, regardless of breed or disposition, has a place in the family portrait, contributing their own unique personality and charm.


"In every portrait, the heartbeats of our furry friends add a rhythm of joy and unconditional love, turning simple photographs into treasures of life's cherished moments."


Pure Joy and Love, and just maybe a little wild but fun

The inclusion of pets in a session goes beyond capturing a moment in time; it's about honoring the special role these creatures play in our lives. From the playful frolic of a dog to the serene grace of a cat, each pet brings a dynamic that enriches the family narrative. But let's be honest, including our four-legged members in a photoshoot is not without its challenges. Pets, like humans, have their own temperaments and can sometimes be unpredictable. However, it's precisely in those unscripted moments that the magic often happens.

Trust Me, I Know how to Navigate the Practicalities

Over the years, I've developed a toolkit of strategies to ensure that pets remain calm, engaged, and ready to steal the show (in the best way possible). Here are a few insights from my treasure trove of experiences:

  1. Familiarity First: Before the camera even comes out, I spend time getting to know the pets, allowing them to become comfortable with my presence. A treat here, a gentle stroke there - it's all about building trust.
  2. Playtime: Keeping pets engaged is key. I often encourage a brief play session before we start shooting. This not only helps expend some of their energy but also brings out those joyfully relaxed expressions we all love.
  3. Patience and Flexibility: Working with pets requires an abundance of patience and a willingness to adapt. If a dog decides that lying down away from the family is where it's at, I'm ready to shift the entire setup to capture that perfect, if unexpected, composition.
  4. The Magic of Distraction: A squeaky toy or a dangling feather can work wonders in directing a pet's gaze towards the camera. It's about those split-second connections that make a photograph come alive.


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Looking For More Furry Inspiration?

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Let's Create Magic Together

Inviting your furry friends into the photo session is not just about getting everyone in frame; it's a celebration of the love and joy they bring into our lives every single day. With my experience and passion for capturing these moments, you can trust that your family, in its entirety, will be captured in portraits that radiate warmth, love, and the ineffable bond you share.

Ready to create a beautiful testament to your family's story, furry ones included? Reach out, and let's make magic together. Your future self will thank you for the memories we'll capture - I promise.

In every wag, purr, and playful leap, there's a story waiting to be told. Let's tell it together!


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