The Perfect Timing: Booking Your Newborn Session

Welcoming a new member into your family is a journey filled with anticipation, love, and moments that you'll want to hold onto forever. The fleeting nature of newborn days makes capturing them through photography not just a desire but a necessity for many parents seeking to preserve the essence of their new beginning.

The journey to capturing these moments begins with perfect timing and choosing a photographer who not only understands but cherishes the profound connections within a family.





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The Importance of Timing

My first advice I share with expectant parents is about the critical importance of timing. A lot of photographers have limited spots each month for a newborn session due to its unpredictability. To ensure you secure a spot for your newborn's photography session, I recommend inquiring/booking at the beginning of your second trimester. This early planning phase guarantees that there's a spot available and that we can prepare for the arrival of your little one, allowing us to capture their earliest days with the tenderness and care they deserve.

The ideal age for newborn sessions falls between the delicate window of 5-7 days old and extends up to 2 months. Although I personally recommend doing the session in the first 2 weeks of baby's arrival. After two weeks a lot of babies like to stretch more and sleep less. Which, don't get me wrong, is also super cute! But that extreme tiny, sleepy phase is a small window.

Up to two months is the period is when babies are sleepiest and more pliable, allowing for those serene, swaddled poses that exude innocence and peace. However, it's vital to select a photographer who prioritizes the safety and comfort of your newborn, understanding the delicacy required in handling and photographing your baby. A lot of photos you see are actually compositions, meaning they've been made out of multiple photos to ensure baby was held all the time during posing.

My Sessions Have a Baby-Led Approach

In my studio, I adopt a baby-led approach to photography. This method ensures that the session unfolds naturally, respecting the baby's needs and comfort at every step. By letting the newborn guide us, we capture their most sincere and pure expressions, from a sleepy smile to the gentle grasp of a parent's finger. This approach does not just document a moment in time; it tells a story of love, connection, and the beginning of a new journey.

The essence of photography lies in capturing the profound connections and the palpable love within the family. My sessions are designed to be an intimate experience, focusing not just on the newborn but on the interactions that define your family's bond. From tender touches to soft, swaddled embraces, I aim to preserve the love-filled moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.



The Ambience of The Studio

My studio serves as a sanctuary for families, providing a soothing and welcoming environment where your family's story can unfold. I believe in creating an atmosphere that reflects the purity and serenity of these early days, complemented by the extensive collection of props, swaddles, and access to a studio wardrobe. This ensures every session is unique, deeply personal, and stress-free for parents.

Plan Your Newborn Session Today

Booking your newborn session with me means choosing to preserve the fleeting moments of love, purity, and connection that define the essence of your new family. It's about understanding that these photographs are more than images; they are memories imbued with emotion, capturing the beginning of a lifelong journey.

I invite you to take the first step towards capturing these irreplaceable moments. With the convenience and luxury of the studio wardrobe, props, and swaddles, your experience will be not only memorable but uniquely yours.

As you embark on this beautiful journey, know that you are not just booking a photography session; you are choosing to capture the heart of your family's story. In the most capable and compassionate hands, your newborn's first days will be immortalized, reflecting the purity and profound joy of your new beginning.


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