Digital Marketing for Photographers


This comprehensive program is tailor-made to support you in leveraging your skills, knowledge, and experiences to create a thriving online photography business that make a lasting impact. Learn to create passive income streams with your knowledge.

A step by step digital marketing course with over 10+ easy to follow modules and bonus material designed to help you market your business online.

You get a lifetime access to ongoing course updates, a 1:1 business call & community support with absolutely no monthly fees or charges!
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  • 10+ Modules
  • 80+ Videos
  • Free community
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • One 1:1 business call


With over 10+ modules and 80+ videos you will learn how to build your own branded sales process. Learn all the steps to Email Marketing, Branding Expansion, Business Tools, Content Strategies, SEO + Blogging and lifelong bonus content like the CHAT GPT Masterclass.
The modules explained:
  1. Introduction | learn the key foundations to digital marketing
  2. Setting up automated business | learn about high-converting sales funnels
  3. Optimize sale processes | drive sales and optimize sales
  4. Email Marketing | learn to create effective marketing campaigns
  5. Brand expansion | develop and implement a strong branding strategy
  6. Content strategy | effectively market your business and define niche + target audience
  7. SEO/Blogging | create and write effective blogs tailor made for search engines
  8. Platforms to market on | leverage different social media channel and drive traffic to your website
  9. Business tools | discover all the tools for productivity and design
  10. Bonus content | such as the CHAT GPT Masterclass, setting up Clickfunnels + a free community
  • Easy To Follow Modules! Trust me, transitioning to digital marketing can seem DAUNTING! That's why there are comprehensive modules that have the complete beginner in mind!
  • You'll gain access for LIFE. This includes anytime there are updates to the program & access to an AMAZING community!
  • Time is a precious commodity. By purchasing a product with a ready-made digital course, you can bypass the extensive time and effort required to create your own course from scratch. This time-saving solution enables you to focus on what truly matters: connecting with your audience and growing your business.
  • There are absolutely no upsells. you purchase the product with one upfront price and it's yours, forever. Included are lifetime updates so your business can grow with the latest trends as well as a community + personal support from me.
Price includes 19% tax.

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